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Shigeru Ban named Pritzker Prize winner 2014…

Architects of great buildings have always had an aura of romance and thrill associated with them. Sometimes construed as removed from reality, Architects tend to be revered in their own community.

However, an Architect whose works speak for humanity and is devoid of all pomp and show, is bound to be celebrated sooner or later.


Shigeru Ban.. a Japanese Architect who has worked around the world in areas struck with calamities, building shelters and providing the most basic relief to the people affected has been named this years Pritzker Prize winner, informally known as the Nobel of Architecture.

An architect who has been known to work on disaster affected sites and affording temporary shelters with his signature cardboard tubes, beer crate foundations, container boxes and such.

He says “I’m not really interested in making money, I’m not interested in the design fee. As long as I can make people happy to use my building,” he added, “I’m happy.”