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Chinese millionaire to sell fresh air in cans

A news report about a Chinese millionaire selling fresh air coming on heels of another report from UN about the effects of climate change has shown what the world could be in future if we don’t mend our ways now.

A seemingly minor 2┬░ C increase could spell doom for many countries affecting fresh water and land areas directly. In directly it would mean shortage of food supply and price rise. Wars could be fought on this.

In spite of repeated warnings many countries have failed to control the carbon emissions and it is time to take drastic measures now.

China being a major contributor to greenhouse gases, the people seem to have adopting seemingly futuristic ideas of breathing through a can of fresh tinned air.  The millionaire says he is doing this to attract attention to the problems we may face in future as such cans may soon become reality.

The fancy idea seems like a fair warning to adept to more greener and healthier alternatives.